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Is my music safe on SongBox?

The main driving factors in creating SongBox were privacy & security.

Consider the following points:

  1. The only person who can view a specific SongBox is the specific person you invite to view it.
  2. By design, your music can't be downloaded and we do everything we can to stop unwarranted downloading.
  3. You have the option to limit the number of times a SongBox can be accessed.
  4. You have the option to set an expiry date on the SongBox.
  5. You have real time reports detailing access to the SongBox. If these numbers look suspicious you can manually kill the SongBox.
  6. SongBox is private by design, unlike social networks. The only people looking at SongBox pages need to be specially invited by you.

Additionally... If there ever was a situation (whether SongBox was involved or not) where you had to defend the copyright of your music, SongBox will happily help you out by providing database timestamps that could be used to prove any timelines that may be being challenged.