- SongBox

Who would use SongBox?

First off let's address who SongBox isn't for.

SongBox probably isn't for you if you casually create music and just want to throw stuff out onto the internet and get likes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you're after likes and shares only, then we would recommend many of the social networks out there that cater for this.

If you're serious about your music career and want to move to the next level, or are already on the next level, then SongBox is for you. By providing you data on exactly who listens to your music (and exactly when) you can gain essential insight that allows you to strategise your next steps:

  • Did one magazine editor listen 10 times while another didn't even listen once?
    • You now know who to focus your time on.
  • Did a record label exec listen to one track 7 times and listen to the others only once?
    • You can now refine your demo strategy.
  • Are you a songwriter looking to get tracks cut by a major artist?
    • If so then you can't just put your work on a social network - SongBox is the answer.