FAQ - SongBox


Why would I use SongBox?

There are many reasons as to why a songwriter - Read More

Who would use SongBox?

First off let's address who SongBox isn't for. - Read More

Who built SongBox?

The founder of SongBox worked in the music ind - Read More

Is my music safe on SongBox?

The main driving factors in creating SongBox w - Read More

Where does my data live?

SongBox is built on Amazon's cloud platform; A - Read More

What is SongBox?

SongBox is a web app that helps song writers a - Read More

Am I charged for my SMS notifications?

No, absolutely not. SongBox pays for all the texts /. SMS messages you get.

Can I trust SongBox

In a word, yes.

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Why no free option?

Right now SongBox is a small platform, enginee - Read More

Can I cancel at anytime? What happens when I cancel?

You can cancel your SongBox membership at any - Read More

How does SongBox process my payment?

SongBox proudly uses STRIPE as it's payment pr - Read More